Nov 11

Wakefield Matsuri 10-11/11/2012

Another Wakefield Matsuri has been and gone and all I have left to show for it is memories, sunburn and this rash I got at Flamingos….  I also got a bunch of photos and video; Here’s the first installment of some of my stuff – more to come later.

Special caption just for this photo:- Check the way the smoke is venting up out of the widebody guards and over the rear windscreen.  Drift Aerodynamicists  take note!

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Sep 16

Integra Wrap

Now for something a little different…

Here’s a video I’ve finally put together showing us putting the graphics on Dad’s DC2 Integra.  We worked out what we wanted it to look like by playing around in photoshop, then got all the vinyl we were going to need and figured it out from there.  It’s no pro job, but for the first time we’ve used vinyl like that it worked out alright.  The nice thing is with vinyl is if we get bored of how it looks we can rip it all off and give it a new look…

As for how I did this; I used a cheap ebay remote release with a built in intervalometer, which was taking photos about once every 10 seconds.  3 days work condensed into about 4 minutes – enjoy!


The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Aug 12

World Time Attack 2012 – Sydney Motorsport Park

Well, it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here – but what better way to break the drought than with a set of pics from World Time Attack….  The event was full of mental looking, ridiculously quick machines and was eventually won by the Nemo Racing Evo.

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May 19

Wakefield Matsuri – 12-13 May 2012

Wakefield Matsuri blah blah blah… all you need to know is we had a shitload of fun, and I took a shitload of shots.   Here’s some of them…

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Apr 22

Twilight Drift – Eastern Creek 21/04/2012

So I spent last night out at Eastern Creek for Driving Sport’s Twilight Drift event.  Each time I go out to one of these events it gets bigger, and last night was no exception.  After taking about 20 minutes just to get in the gate, I was amazed to see the number of people and the numbers of cars – both on and off the track.

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Mar 06

Jasons Evo X

So a few weeks back I arranged to meet up with my mate Jason who owns this sweet Evo X.

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Dec 19

V8 Supertaxis, Homebush 2011


So as usual, I’m going to post up some photos from an event that was so long ago now nobody cares anymore… but meh, you get what you pay for eh…?

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Dec 02

Matsuri Part III

No more words, just more pics…

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Dec 02

2011 Wakefield Matsuri – Marvel

So I spent alot of the weekend hanging out with the Marvel super happy best friends drift club and, due to an overwhelming photowhoring-ness, I feel it’s only fair they get their own special feature article.

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Nov 30

2011 Wakefield Matsuri!


The first set of photos from Matsuri are finally on the blog!

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