My name is Chris  and I live in Sydney, Australia.   I’ve spent much of my life at race tracks or around cars, most of the time with a camera in my hand.  Up until now the photos I have captured have been mostly only seen by myself before being locked away in storage but after persistent requests by friends and a desire to push my creativity further I finally have my very own piece of the internet I can clutter up with my stuff.

For me photography is only a hobby which means I shoot what I want, how I want.  You won’t find me shooting countless tightly-cropped, high shutter speed  images very often – I’m all about the low-precentage, 1 in 100 shot that stands out from everything else.  My motorsport photography is all about the colours, the angles, the composition and the sensation of speed;  if there’s art in motorsport, I want to find it.

This blog is about some of the photos I capture, and how I do it.  Hopefully I can provide even a small amount of inspiration to other photographers who are also just out there shooting for the fun of it.

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