Aug 12

U.S. & Canada Part 6

Part 6, and even though there’s not much of the trip left, some of the best is still yet to come.  At the end of Part 5 we were travelling south towards Sacramento and LA before we flew east for a final week in America.  Which means our first stop was a day in the Amazing Yosemite National Park.

A postcard morning at Tunnel View. (37°42’56.49″N,119°40’38.22″W)20140213_034344

The Light at the end of the Tunnel


Another perspective of Tunnel view;  if you can put up with the cold and the potential of substantial snowfalls, Yosemite is almost deserted during winter and escaping the crowds can be pretty easy.20140213_035040

Amazing scenery everywhere you look  – Happy Isles Bridge (37°43’56.85″N,119°33’31.10″W)20140213_052545El Capitan Reflections (37°43’2.27″N,119°39’43.06″W)
20140213_061619It’s pretty impossible to give a sense of the scale in these photos, but Yosemite Falls in the sixth highest waterfall in the world… (37°44’21.43″N,119°35’39.88″W)
20140213_100959More waterfalls…
20140213_041154Silky Streams
20140213_043147Like’n the Lichen
20140213_043940Reflections on Mirror Lake (37°44’49.35″N,119°33’2.46″W)
20140213_062805One last photo on the way out of the Park… (37°43’24.98″N,119°43’6.71″W)
20140213_112011Recent devastating bushfires just outside the park had left surreal scenes of black and orange. (37.82199500,-120.03903833)
20140213_120626A monstrous Southern Pacific Cab-Forward steam locomotive; the only of it’s kind to be preserved, at the Sacramento Rail Museum. (38.58515833,-121.50463667)
20140213_124847Selfies in the mirror…

20140214_074000A magic afternoon at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco… (37.82757000,-122.49885833)
20140214_135046Lombard Street; One of San Frans’ famous sights. (37.80198333,-122.41941167)
20140214_163552The eerie Alcatraz  in the bay ( 37°49’36.23″N,122°25’22.41″W)
20140215_055317Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco ( 37°48’38.34″N,122°24’40.30″W)
20140215_070324Route 101 winds its way along the coast, just outside of LA (36°21’32.22″N,121°54’1.50″W)
20140217_092620Blue skies on the West Coast (35.35803500,-120.85120000)
20140217_112107The epic parking ticket collection we amassed from all over western North America
20140217_143131The sun sets over Huntington Beach (33.65373833,-117.99932333)
20140217_172535Huntington beach pier silhouetted against an amazing sky…
20140217_173312Welcome to the O.C. bitch (33.59477500,-117.88291833)
20140218_114019And with that we said goodbye to the West coast, and hello to Florida.  Disneyland’s Epcot – Utopia or Dystopia…?  I’m not sure, but it certainly wasn’t lacking in slow boat rides. (28.37191000,-81.54994167)
20140219_104014The abomination we created on the ‘Test Track’ ride, which won our timeslot’s competition and was not far off the best performing design of the day.  What. The. ?
20140219_124129Busch Gardens, Tampa; rollercoaster heaven and a definite highlight (28.03344000,-82.42318000)
20140220_175754Day trip to NASA’s Cape Canaveral (28.52265667,-80.68183833)
20140223_050501Aerial Display before the start of the Daytona 500 (29.18870000,-81.06995333)

Minutes before torrential rain stops the race for 6 hours…



And with that I’m done!  One epic trip, 9 Weeks, 10,000kms, thousands of dollars, 6000+ photos, and memories that will last a lifetime.  I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through the photos because I certainly enjoyed capturing them!

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