Nov 18

Grandpa’s Garage

Let me introduce you to my Dad’s Father; Graham, and his garage. Graham used to be a toolmaker and can whip up all kinds of amazing doodads and whatsits in the organised chaos that is his shed (Including the bearing on the home-made pano-head I used to shoot the 360 panorama) . I love going in and poking around the time capsule which is home to his accumulated tools, scraps, collectibles and junk and I’ve always wanted to take some pics.  So the other day I finally did just that and here’s the results.  Enjoy!

(Click the arrows on the top right of the panorama for full screen; may take some time to download.  Also, left click and drag on the panorama to control it yourself, you can also zoom in and out with the scroll wheel of your mouse)

And here’s a photo of the gear I used to create the panorama.  My homemade pano head (featuring the aforementioned shed-made bearing) sitting on my manfrotto tripod+head.  And of course the 60D + 10-22mm.



    Very good Christopher, but rather embarrassing, and by the way all the items on the floor are not normally there as they were removed from the train room to clear and clean the floor and also the Rover lives in the middle of that chaos.
    Well done effort on your part.
    Love PA.

  2. Graham

    It does not always look that tidy, you just have to be there on the right day.

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