Aug 12

World Time Attack 2012 – Sydney Motorsport Park

Well, it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here – but what better way to break the drought than with a set of pics from World Time Attack….  The event was full of mental looking, ridiculously quick machines and was eventually won by the Nemo Racing Evo.

The event continues to grow every year, and the size of the event now would be bigger than the last time the V8 Supercars ran at Eastern Creek.  As is typical with these events, there was alot of down time between sessions, and due to the fact many cars would do one hot lap and head back for the pits, there was even a lack of on track action during the sessions.  Fortunately there was so much else going on in the pit lane with commercial displays, show and shine and all the pit lane action that nobody noticed the down time so much.  Anway, here is a sample of some of the sights I saw over the Saturday…

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