Nov 30

2011 Wakefield Matsuri!


The first set of photos from Matsuri are finally on the blog!

So much hype surrounded this event and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it delivered!  This is the first time this kind of event has been done in NSW, and I think the best way to describe it would be to say it was a festival of drifting.  With something in the order of 200 entrants, drivers were able to drift themselves stupid with around 20 hours track time over the weekend, with the choice of 2 different tracks and a competition thrown into the mix.


Fortunately the rain which had hampered the Friday afternoon session and the Saturday morning abruptly disappeared leaving Wakefield Park gleaming under a deep blue sky which quickly dried the track, but meant the infield was a treacherous muddy bog for anyone that ended up there.

As usual at a drift event, if you want to find clean, neat cars, its best to check the cars parked in the spectator area of the pits…


that said though, there are a select few that obviously pride themselves on keeping their drift cars clean and zip-tie free; or perhaps they just spend less time in the mud…


I think the next photo shows the spirit of the event; even when the cars were rested, drivers jumped in other cars as passengers or took to the spectator areas…  The pit lane was suprisingly empty for the most part

probaby due to everyone being on track…

tyres ready for slaughter….


Munji along the straight – ‘cos nobody likes witches hats anyway.

Wes finding out that the benefits of saving weight by omitting bonnet pins don’t make up for the downside…




Smashed the sunroof, bent the roof, but the windcreen survived, so drift on!

Heaps more to come over the next few days….


  1. Grant

    hey mate pics are sick just wondering if you had any of a gun metal s13 widebody with dishys ?

    1. Chris

      Thanks mate,

      Is that you, Pic no. 6 in this post…? http://www.larmour-photo.com/wp/?p=277

      If it is, that’s the only pass I got of you – took around 1000 pics over the weekend but it’s never enough!

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