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Nov 18

Grandpa’s Garage

Let me introduce you to my Dad’s Father; Graham, and his garage. Graham used to be a toolmaker and can whip up all kinds of amazing doodads and whatsits in the organised chaos that is his shed (Including the bearing on the home-made pano-head I used to shoot the 360 panorama) . I love going …

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Sep 16

Integra Wrap

Now for something a little different… Here’s a video I’ve finally put together showing us putting the graphics on Dad’s DC2 Integra.  We worked out what we wanted it to look like by playing around in photoshop, then got all the vinyl we were going to need and figured it out from there.  It’s no …

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Sep 11

Excuse me Sir, What’s in the bag…?

So for those that are interested, here is what is currently in my awesome Lowepro camera bag, and has been for several years…

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