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Aug 14

U.S. & Canada – Encore Slideshow

Slideshows of someone else’s holidays are always a snooze-fest.  Hopefully this breaks the mould…  

Aug 12

U.S. & Canada Part 6

Part 6, and even though there’s not much of the trip left, some of the best is still yet to come.  At the end of Part 5 we were travelling south towards Sacramento and LA before we flew east for a final week in America.  Which means our first stop was a day in the …

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Aug 12

U.S. & Canada Part 5

  Part 5!  And we’re southbound.  This post starts in Vancouver which I thought was a really cool city; Alot like Sydney except there’s a ski hill at the top of the street (Aka Grouse Mountain).  One of the hot tourist options in Vancouver is to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge park and, as you …

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May 19

U.S. & Canada Part 4

Continuing on from Part 3 of our U.S. and Canada Trip we then travelled north from Yellowstone National Park heading for Canada.  After checking out our options for heading north we realised that one of the options, route 191 passed by a Ski resort called Big Sky.  The coversation went something like… “Hey, we’re gonna pass …

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May 13

U.S. & Canada Part 3

Part 3 of our trek across the United States and Canada begins with the last leg of our Journey north from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole… I’ll let the photos do the storytelling. The Clouds part briefly revealing the fresh dump of snow (42.75293667,-110.93329667)

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Apr 30

US & Canada Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my photo collection from my US & Canada Travels earlier in 2014.  If you missed it, the first part is here.  At the end of the last post my mate Brendan & I were just finishing our stay at the Grand Canyon and were about to start the trek north …

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May 13

Wakefield Matsuri: 11-12/05/2013

So many photos, so little motivation to write any words… Here are some of the photos I took over the weekend – Enjoy!

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Mar 06

Jasons Evo X

So a few weeks back I arranged to meet up with my mate Jason who owns this sweet Evo X. The plan was to find a good outdoor spot to get some happy snaps but unfortunately the weather did not want to cooperate… 

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Sep 13

Take you to da movie shawtee

I love a bit of automotive cinematography awesomeness.  Here’s a few I found again for this post – leave a post if you’ve got any favourites of your own.  

Sep 06

Desktop Wallpaper!!!!!111!!!

If you like the current background to the blog you might be interested in this…  A high res version ready for use as your desktop wallpaper.  Follow the jump to get it

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